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 Seungie oppa is so cute ♥
Such an angel ^^

omg ! i addicted with him..hero for the film my girlfriend is Gominho ( MGIG).. honestly ! before i watch the film.aku xdek lah suke sangat cerite2 korea nie.setakat tengok2 macam 2 boleh lah.But..after i watch that film ( kebetulan je)..OMG ! aku sudah jatuh hati sama seungi ! damn ! addicted gile-gile babi lah..semua lagu die aku ade..xpercaye??ce korang cakap lagu apeh..aku adelah  * muke bangge *.. : )


Let me introduce my girlfriend.! Name: Gu MiHo. Birth date: around early 1400 (actually can’t remember the exact date). Personal relations: She was in the same generation as Taejo Lee Seong Gye, she watched Sejong Daewang grow up, Admiral Lee Soon Shin’s mother was in her grandchildren’s generation, and she was sealed by the Samshin [mountain spirits] Grandma during Imjin Oeran [the Japanese invasion of Korea (1592-1598)].

antara adengan dalam cerite MGIG :

: : ciettt !pe hug-hug nie.tu akuh punye ok !  : :

: : dush ! dush ! stay away from him ! : :

: soooo jealous ^^lols...they look so cute BEST COUPLE award? NO WAY ! die akuh punye ok !  : : 

♥.. addicted with you dear..

miho wearing daewoong's shirt....* kalau lah perempuan tuh aku..auwwwwwww!  *

wht is she doing to daewoong????!!!  * hey ! stay away from my future husband ! *wink..wink *

Hoyi Hoyi ...Looking like a mother n son ..hhehehe * ketawe jahat *

Group photo of MGIG young casts...taken during Director's wedding :)
Nice photo ^^..


: : coming soon ! i choose num 3..yehh ! million TQ 2 my sayang2..♥ Ashley.. : :

: : japanesse magazine..on 27 dec 2010 : :


* ENGLISH TRASLATE *  ( AKU PN PANDAI CHINESSE OK ! ) * MUKE BANGGE * - million TQ tuh ashley coz traslate that newspaper in english.. : )

The heading : King/emperor of ratings-Lee Seung Gi

After Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong,Lee Seung Gi has earned the hearts of many .He has enjoyed a wave of popularity through variety shows,songs,dramas and also the world of cfs. If we were to grade Korea celebrities popularity based on ratings,then Nation’s Brother Lee Seung Gi will definitely be at the top.
Lee seung Gi ‘s 1n2d and drama Brilliant Legacy have achieved combined ratings of 70 %. –( 1n2d-33.9% Brilliant Legacy 39.9 % ) earning him the title King of ratings .If we were to add together Strong Heart which he co-hosts with Kang Ho Dong,he can be called as the 100% ratings man……Nation’s brother pathway to success is a classic example of (I dunno wht) strategy.
He was scouted by singer Lee Sun Hee when he was still at high school and he trained for 2 years before debuting .His song Because You’re my girl won the hearts of many noonas. He gave up his “kuai bao bao’ (well-behaved baby) image when he joined 1n2d attempting many types of difficult journey

in bold –Brilliant Legacy becomes a national drama

He gave up his model student image and acted as a spoiled child. This drama maintained its top spot in viewer ratings for ten consecutive weeks at South Korea with its last episode attaining a high viewer rating of 47.1 %.Because of this, BL was known as the nation’s drama.
During an interview,Lee Seung Gi said that because of this role,Hwan has been compared with Gu Jun Pyo (as both character are quite selfish) but he feels that BL and BOF is totally 2 diff types of drama.

In bold – Model student

Before he enters the entertainment world, Lee Seung Gi is already a model student.His exam result is excellent and he was even selected as student president twice during middle school and high school. Even though he has to balance his time between his studies and entertainment schedule, Lee Seung Gi, without applying for study leave, is able to graduate from university in 4 years obtaining his degree in International Trade and Commerce on February 2009 .He also received a Special Achievement Award from the university. This is seldom seen amongst celebrities (love this sentence ^^ ) After graduate, he is currently continuing his studies in the Graduate School of Dongguk Uni.
Lately, he make his comeback as an actor, filming MGIG with Shin MA.The drama is about a love story between a human and a nine tailed demon fox who has been locked up for 500 years but has been revived in 2010 . It is going to be love at first sight for Lee Seung Gi (as the main character) to the gumiho.

Basically the box is about his background….

Eng name :
Nickname :
Musical instrument : piano,guitar
Album :
Singles :
Remake album :
Variety shows :
Dramas :

(the picture with the guitar)

Lee Seung Gi has a “harmless” smile face. His debut song ,“Because You’re my Girl “mv (which is about an older woman liking a younger man ) created a “liking older women” syndrome in South Korea. He naturally became the sisters/noona cutest little brother in their heart.

(pic with the balloons)

In 4 years time,Lee Seung gi was able to graduate from Dongguk Uni obtaining his degree in International Trade and Commerce. This is seldom seen amongst celebrities (love this sentence ^^ ) After graduate, he is continuing his studies in the Graduate School of Dongguk Uni.


the future most handsome dad  aka my future husband..
losing my mind now....keke

Wah….I love this photo!!! Im sure he will be a great father for myn son n be my future husband !
*envy the baby…keke

Baby Min- Jun certainly knows how to act in front of the camera....haha..priceless expression !

p \ s :  uh..
seung gi oppa..
i can't wait for the drama "my girlfriend is a nine tailed fox"on 11 aug..
n i cant wait 2 go korea n meet u dear.. : )

cerita MGIG dh ditayangkan di malaysia since last year n (at korea 2 years later)..but..sebab tahun lepas..disekat drpd menonton alot of film i cant watch including MGIG.. :)


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